Bespoke Button Necklace

The other week I was out for some food with friends, and one of them asked me to make her a necklace a bit like the one I was wearing. I don’t make many necklaces like this one, because they take much longer to make than my other jewellery as they’re a bit more complex and fiddly. But I do like making these occasionally, and would like to develop a range of them at some point. They’re made on thread rather than wire, and they’re reversible as they have extra buttons on the back, so if you’re feeling particularly active you don’t need to worry about your necklace ending up backwards – there is no backwards.

Button necklace

My friend Mel said she wears mostly blue and green, so the necklace is mixture of vintage buttons in different blues, greens and neutrals. It’s finished with sterling silver findings. The larger buttons on this one are all around 16mm across, and the total length is just under 50cm. If you’re interested in commissioning a necklace a bit like this (whatever colour scheme and length you fancy), prices start at £35 – get in touch and I’ll see what I can do…