New Delicate Woven Cord Button Necklaces


These two button necklaces are my latest woven cord creations. Made with tiny 10mm buttons (rather than my tapered, chunky button necklace style) they are great for petite necklines or for anyone who wants a more subtle and delicate necklace.

These two colour schemes are blue, grey, white and lilac, and peach, coral and cream.

I’ll be adding more in this style over the next few weeks.

Button Brooches – New Designs

I’ve made a new batch of button brooches to fill up the previously rather sparsely populated brooch section of

There’s a mixture of neutral and muted-coloured brooches, and also some brighter ones, and the sizes range from 40 – 55mm across. They’re made with stacks of three buttons in graduated sizes, stitched together and mounted on a metal brooch plate.
Wooden button broochpink and blue button broochpink and lilac button brooch

There are lots more designs on my brooches page.

Latest Jewellery: Felt Necklaces and an Autumnal Button Necklace

Felt and button necklaces

At the moment I’m doing some using-up-of-leftover-materials from previous projects (as with my upcycled bead bracelets) and next in the queue was my box of felt beads. Previously I’ve made big batches of identical necklaces, but with the odd ones left over, over the past couple of days, I’ve made the first few of some one-of-a-kind felt necklaces. There are some more lying in a big fuzzy pile on my workbench waiting to have their clasps put on, but these three are finished and available to buy at Unexpected Boutique’s felt necklaces page.

I’ve also made a new button necklace in autumn colours, to replace the previous new one which sold almost immediately:

This button necklace can be purchased here.

Felt necklaces

Button Necklaces at Wholesale Prices…

My multicoloured button necklaces are very popular – probably my best-selling item. The thing about them is that as they sell out so quickly, I usually have to make them in batches of ten or so of the same design – otherwise about 90% of my life would be spent photographing different unique necklaces. This means that I have a big pile of unmatched buttons left over. And these make great necklaces – often they contain quite interesting buttons. I just don’t always have time to photograph them all.

I have come up with a Cunning Plan, however. Who wants to buy lots of surprise, lucky-dip type multicoloured button necklaces, with bulk discounts? People shopping for lots of friends and family at Christmas, that’s who… If you might fall into that category in a few months’ time, you might be interested in my special offer for lucky dip button necklaces: the more of these you buy, the more you save. The normal price for a wire button necklace is £12. If you buy one lucky dip necklace, it’s £10, and the more of these you buy, they cheaper they get – right down to £5.50 per necklace when you buy 10.

Here are some examples of the kind of necklaces you might receive:

If you want to take advantage of this offer, I don’t mind what you do with the necklaces – even if you have your own shop, you’re welcome to sell them yourself.

You can get your lucky dip wholesale necklaces here.

Long Button Necklaces

Most of the button necklaces I make are short, choker style pieces, which are made on a wire to hold the buttons flat in place against the neck.

However, over the years I’ve had lots of requests for longer button necklaces. Making longer styles with wire doesn’t really work as the wire gets bent and tangled without a neckline to rest on. So I make long button necklaces using a strong nylon cord. The trouble is, with a normal method of button threading, it’s easy for the buttons to get flipped over when they’re on a long cord, so unless the wearer sits quite still, it’s easy for some of the buttons to end up backwards.

Fortunately, I have devised a Cunning Plan. (Even more fortunately, it does not involve a turnip.)

When I make my longer button necklaces, I make them completely reversible. Small buttons are layered on top of larger buttons on both sides, so that the button cluster looks the same no matter which round it is – simple! In between the button clusters I’ve added beads for a bit of variety, too.

At the moment I have two colour schemes for sale at bright multicoloured, and ivory.

Long button necklace - rainbow colours
Multicoloured handmade long button necklace – 90 – 95cm long, from
Long cream/ivory button necklace
Ivory/cream long button necklace – £25 from