Jigsaw Puzzle Necklaces and Earrings

These jigsaw puzzle necklaces are made with Japanese washi paper over jigsaw pieces, to form unusual necklaces:

jigsaw-necklace-washi-detail-oldJigsaw puzzle necklace: £28, Unexpected Boutique

There are also some matching earrings:

jigsaw-earrings-washiWashi Jigsaw Earrings, £10, Unexpected Boutique

Japanese washi paper is a beautifully decorated paper which is often used for origami, but here it has been repurposed to create ornate and eye-catching jewellery. The combination of washi paper and jigsaw pieces is a surprising juxtaposition, and on top of that, the edges are decorated with ink “stitching” to make them look a bit like sewed-on patches. So it is a jigsaw, some origami, or the start of a patchwork quilt?

Teapot Jewellery

Here is a new collection of teapot jewellery from the Unexpected Boutique: a teapot necklace, which features an entire tea set made up of different teapot, teacup and teaspoon charms:


… and there are teapot charm bracelets to match:


The teapot bracelets and necklaces are made with silver plated chain and findings, and both have adjustable sizes so they will fit most people. The necklace has an extension chain, and the bracelet is a stretch charm bracelet, so not only will it fit well, it’s also really easy to take on and off – no fiddling with difficult bracelet catches.

Browse the full teapot jewellery collection here.

P.S. If you enjoy tea, and also like kittens, this website might be of interest.

Felt Jewellery

I made some felt necklaces and bracelets. I now have them for sale as the beginnings of a felt jewellery collection at the Unexpected Boutique.

I first came across this style of jewellery when my sister’s housemate was making it, and thought I’d give it a go myself. I like the way the necklaces are a bit like miniature scarves – as they’re made of wool felt beads, they’re probably the, er, warmest jewellery I’ve ever made.


(I’m not sure that’s a very impressive claim, though…)