Custom Bunting Map Necklaces for a Wedding

Last month I made an interesting bundle of custom wedding jewellery. Jenny from Kendal spotted my bunting necklaces with the map design, and got in touch to ask whether I could make some similar ones for her bridesmaids, but with maps of her chosen locations on the bunting pieces. She supplied me with map snippets as a pdf, which I printed out and used to make the necklaces.

Map necklaces

On one side all the necklaces are the same, featuring places around Glaramara in the Lake District. These necklaces aren’t usually double sided, but these ones also have maps on the back of each piece – featuring places connected to each bridesmaid, so they’re all different.

Bunting necklaces

Bridesmaid necklaces with name tags

New Handmade Bunting Triangle Necklaces

My new triangular necklaces are like little strings of wooden bunting flags in miniature. I had the idea for these when I was half asleep, just waking up, in that few seconds in between dreaming and awake. When I actually did wake up, I initially thought the “bunting necklaces” idea was another of those weird mad subconscious things that make no sense but seem like a really sensible idea at the time (like when a friend of mine leapt out of bed one morning, rolled up her duvet and was about to cut all her hair off when she realised she’d just had a dream that she had lend the duvet and her hair to her housemate who was apparently going to use them both to play in a concert).

But then I had a cup of tea and thought about it a bit more and decided that actually bunting necklaces would be quite a good idea. They’re little geometric tiles, and each one is different (a bit like bunting). I’ve made five different designs – one with old maps of England, one with an old music theory book, one with Japanese washi paper, and two different ones using my handpainted tile designs — one in green and one in purple.Bunting necklace - old map

You can view the whole collection on my necklaces page here.