Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Earrings

While continuing my process of delving through boxes of leftover materials and forgotten bits and pieces, I found a bag of jigsaw puzzle pieces. There were still a few left that were similar enough to each to make pairs, so they’re become earrings. Each pair is unique, and these ones come from a vintage puzzle which had a bird design on it.

It was donated to me because too many of the pieces were missing for it to be completed without being incredibly irritating – but it could still be turned into other things…

All of these jigsaw puzzle earrings are for sale at the Unexpected Boutique. Each pair is one-of-a-kind.

Jigsaw Necklace with Japanese Washi Paper


I’ve been experimenting with re-purposing old jigsaw puzzle pieces as jewellery. I started by making necklaces and earrings with the puzzle pieces just as they were, but this was sometimes limiting, as only some of them had interesting enough bits of the picture on them to make a good design. So I started looking for ways to brighten up those that weren’t making it into my selection. I’ve sometimes used acrylic paints, and also started covering the pieces in paper so I can draw or paint my own designs on them.

My latest jigsaw necklace combines two of these techniques – it’s covered with Japanese washi paper (patterned paper which is usually used for origami), and around the edges I’ve inked on some little lines to make the pieces look a bit like stitched-on fabric.

See more of these necklaces on my jigsaw jewellery page…