Four New Delicate Button Necklaces

Here are some new button necklaces in the lightweight, delicate style that I’ve been using just recently – one in silver-grey, one in various shades of green, one in vintage pearl, and one in a mix of warm, bright colours.

These necklaces are great for petite necklines and people who want something subtle and buttony. They also make good presents for children, who can wear them as a longer necklace when they are small (I’d suggest around age 8 and up) but also continue to wear them as they grow, as they still fit as a shorter necklace on an adult.

The buttons used to make these necklaces are usually between 8 – 11mm across, and the necklaces measure around 45cm (exact lengths are specified on individual listings).

You can browse my button necklace collection here.

Teapot Charm Bracelets

To match the teapot necklaces, I’ve made a set of three different teapot charm bracelets. They’re available in pink, brown and blue, teal and white, and multicoloured:




You can purchase any of the above bracelets, and matching necklaces at the Unexpected Boutique, here.

Button Notebooks and Other Things

In a new section on my button jewellery site, I have a few one-off bits and pieces available, including some button notebooks:

button-notebook-brown-2 button-notebook-rainbow-2


I bought these two notebooks new, a long time ago, but they have never been used. I’m having a clear-out at the moment, and I considered just giving them away, but then succumbed to my usual habit of covering everything in my path in buttons…

Note: these two notebooks are now sold.However, you can contact me directly if you would like me to make one for you as a bespoke order.

Jigsaw Necklace with Japanese Washi Paper


I’ve been experimenting with re-purposing old jigsaw puzzle pieces as jewellery. I started by making necklaces and earrings with the puzzle pieces just as they were, but this was sometimes limiting, as only some of them had interesting enough bits of the picture on them to make a good design. So I started looking for ways to brighten up those that weren’t making it into my selection. I’ve sometimes used acrylic paints, and also started covering the pieces in paper so I can draw or paint my own designs on them.

My latest jigsaw necklace combines two of these techniques – it’s covered with Japanese washi paper (patterned paper which is usually used for origami), and around the edges I’ve inked on some little lines to make the pieces look a bit like stitched-on fabric.

See more of these necklaces on my jigsaw jewellery page…

New Button Earrings

At the Unexpected Boutique, there is a new collection of button earrings – all sterling silver studs, in a variety of different sizes ranging from 6mm up to 12mm. My personal favourites are the flower-shaped studs, which range from a bright hot pink to more subtle shades of silvery grey and khaki.



In other news, in a couple of weeks I will taking a month off and doing that thing that my mother and grandmother have been nagging me about every time I’ve seen them for the past, I don’t know, five years, and Going On Holiday. This means that obviously I won’t be able to immediately send any jewellery to anyone who orders it while I’m away, because I won’t be in my house, but I’m leaving my shops open with big notices on them saying “I’m Not Here” and stuff. I’ll send out any orders that are placed between 16th Jan and 28th Feb 2012 once I’ve got home and recovered from the travelling – that’ll be 1st March, I’m hoping.

Bespoke Button Necklace

The other week I was out for some food with friends, and one of them asked me to make her a necklace a bit like the one I was wearing. I don’t make many necklaces like this one, because they take much longer to make than my other jewellery as they’re a bit more complex and fiddly. But I do like making these occasionally, and would like to develop a range of them at some point. They’re made on thread rather than wire, and they’re reversible as they have extra buttons on the back, so if you’re feeling particularly active you don’t need to worry about your necklace ending up backwards – there is no backwards.

Button necklace

My friend Mel said she wears mostly blue and green, so the necklace is mixture of vintage buttons in different blues, greens and neutrals. It’s finished with sterling silver findings. The larger buttons on this one are all around 16mm across, and the total length is just under 50cm. If you’re interested in commissioning a necklace a bit like this (whatever colour scheme and length you fancy), prices start at £35 – get in touch and I’ll see what I can do…