New Cord Button Necklaces

My newest limited edition button necklaces are all made with woven cord, and sterling silver findings. For these ones I’ve made more than one in each design, so they’re identical, limited edition runs of just five pieces each. I had several cards of identical vintage buttons, usually with around five buttons, so once I’d collected enough of these, it was just a case of putting the design together and then doing the weaving and knotting part, over and over until they were all safely knotted together (I normally do this fairly quickly in case the buttons spill everywhere).

You can see these for sale on

Green Button Necklace

green button necklace, £25


champagne and rose button necklace, £25

Multicoloured Button Necklace

multicoloured button necklace, £25

Brown and Mustard Button Necklacemustard button necklace, £25


Button Notebooks and Other Things

In a new section on my button jewellery site, I have a few one-off bits and pieces available, including some button notebooks:

button-notebook-brown-2 button-notebook-rainbow-2


I bought these two notebooks new, a long time ago, but they have never been used. I’m having a clear-out at the moment, and I considered just giving them away, but then succumbed to my usual habit of covering everything in my path in buttons…

Note: these two notebooks are now sold.However, you can contact me directly if you would like me to make one for you as a bespoke order.

Jigsaw Necklace with Japanese Washi Paper


I’ve been experimenting with re-purposing old jigsaw puzzle pieces as jewellery. I started by making necklaces and earrings with the puzzle pieces just as they were, but this was sometimes limiting, as only some of them had interesting enough bits of the picture on them to make a good design. So I started looking for ways to brighten up those that weren’t making it into my selection. I’ve sometimes used acrylic paints, and also started covering the pieces in paper so I can draw or paint my own designs on them.

My latest jigsaw necklace combines two of these techniques – it’s covered with Japanese washi paper (patterned paper which is usually used for origami), and around the edges I’ve inked on some little lines to make the pieces look a bit like stitched-on fabric.

See more of these necklaces on my jigsaw jewellery page…

The Day I Covered My Shoes in Buttons and Beads…

During the now-rapidly-retreating summer, I decided that my several-years-old sandals were probably not going to last for much longer. Bits had started falling off them. And so began a hunt for a replacement pair of sandals. Much as I love shoes, I really dislike purposeful shoe-shopping, in which a specified pair of shoes must be obtained, and is thus completely absent from all retail outlets. The only kind of shoe-shopping I enjoy is accidentally-finding-an-amazing-pair-of-shoes, which had its own perils of Frivolity and Can My Bank Account Handle This Right Now, etc..

With this in mind, I decided to attempt Stealth Shoe Shopping. I was on the lookout for a specific pair of shoes, but pretending not to. You see?

It sort of worked. I found some practically new, not-exactly-what-I-was-looking-for-but-it-would-do sandals for £5 in a charity shop. The only issue was their inoffensiveness. They were practical, comfortable and not exactly frumpy, but they weren’t entirely thrilling:

So I decided to make them offensive.

I took a piece of fabric, sewed loads of buttons from my button collection and some beads from old, broken necklaces onto it, leaving some plain fabric around the edges – then I wrapped it around the main strap (over the toes), sewed it down and here is the result:

As a finishing touch, I sewed one button onto the ankle strap, too:

The whole shoe:

And then, of course, I had to do it all again to the other one…. (Although I think odd shoes may be in. The other day I saw a woman wearing one wellington and one turquoise pump.)