Viola Joke Cufflinks – ‘Viola’ and ‘Bow’

I am quite proud of these because they are a physical viola joke.

viola joke cufflinks

As I’m a violist, I’ve been hearing viola jokes since I was seven years old.  The idea is that viola players are not as intelligent as other musicians, but this is, of course. nonsense*.

These cufflinks are based on the following joke:

‘ A violinist noticed at the end of each rehearsal break, one of the violists would look at the inside flap of his jacket before he sat down to resume rehearsal. This continued for several decades, and the violinist became quite curious about it. One day, during hot weather, the violist took off his jacket and went off on break. The violinist waited until everyone was off the platform, looked around, and sneaked over to the jacket. He pulled back the flap and saw a little note pinned on the inside. It read: “viola left hand, bow right.” ‘

They’re available in my Viola Emporium, or my ‘Bling for Strings’ Etsy Shop.

*We know it is nonsense, because there’s another joke which goes, ‘Why are all the viola jokes so simple?’ ‘So violinists can understand them’.

Viola Player Jewellery

On a website I set up specifically to provide nice things and gifts for viola players, I now have a few pieces of viola-player jewellery – the alto clef CGDA jigsaw necklace mentioned in a previous post, and also a range of alto clef earrings in the three different colours.

Here is my favourite, the green version (photographed on my favourite marbled paper background):

Alto Clef Earrings - Violist Jewellery

These are made with solid sterling silver mounts, and glass tiles covering the little alto clef pictures underneath. They measure just 8mm across. So if you’re stuck for gift ideas for the (pierced) violist in your life, you now know where to go. (It’s here, in case you hadn’t clicked on any of the other links in this post yet…)